“I’m Hopping Off This Train”


I did not, did NOT, DID NOT want to work out last night. I had absolutely zero motivation. But the SIL came on over at 8 and we did our workout. Last night was Pure cardio plus abs. I somehow found it in me to do both, but I didn’t have to like it!

No seriously…I feel stronger, I feel more healthy, even sexy on some days, but I’ve learned that “Insanity ≠massive amounts weight loss”. I figure this is because I’m building muscle and muscle is heavier than fat…blah blah. Still, I want to see a bigger difference in the scales. Okay, so I’m not really quitting, but we get so used to measuring fitness success via numbers on a scale, it’s really hard to get away from that line of thinking. I realize that my clothes are fitting differently, but I’m just ready to see some fat melting away!

Let’s just put it out there: Insanity is hard. I haven’t worked this hard since High School and I’m 33! After 3 weeks of this, I feel like a star, but when I look in the mirror I don’t see a huge difference. I just keep telling myself that it’s coming. Until then, I continue to cross my fingers and “Dig Deeper”. Who’s with me???

UPDATE: I was surfing for proof that my “numbers” don’t mean anything, and I stumbled across this:


Wow! Thanks Mommyhof3 for the inspiration. Let’s keep going! #inittowinit

Hoppingly Yours,


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4 thoughts on ““I’m Hopping Off This Train”

  1. I had the same workout yesterday and I REALLY had to fight myself to do it. IT WAS Awful! I am not seeing a big change, but I Haven’t been eating healthy either. Great job on pushing yourself through it yesterday!

    • Thanks! It wasn’t easy. I think my biggest challenge is eating ENOUGH. It’s difficult for me to eat healthy and get enough calories. Are you working out alone or with a buddy?

  2. ALONE! I have a friend who is also doing it, but it isn’t the same as if we could be in the same room to push each other. I eat way to many carbs to be seeing a change. I have to get better with that.

    • Yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of reading this morning. I really think I need to up my protien. I guess I’ve been putting my body in starvation mode. I’m also investing in a heart monitor/calorie counter today. Hope that helps. I’ll keep you all posted!

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