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WTF…Stupid Blog

I’ve never done a blog, so I’m not a pro or anything, but I just sat here typing  my entire first entry and WordPress refreshed on it’s own and deleted everything I typed! Ugh! It was really good, too. (That’s just my opinion, but you didn’t read it so can you prove differently?) Anyway, how frustrating.

Well, to sumarrize, in my intial post I was typing about how I started Insanity and today starts my second week.

Last week was hard…blah blah blah…I feel sore everywhere…yakkity schmakity…

I lost about 24lbs on the HCG diet last fall, but gained 10lbs back because I’m married and marriage is stressful dammit so give me a break.

I just ordered another three rounds of HCG and made a deal with my friend who shall remain nameless (there…hope that makes you feel better…you know who you are) that I would borrow her Insanity Set in exchange for a round of HCG…then after 30 days we will switch. So this will be a modified version of Insanity with a break in between, unless my results with Insanity are SO freaking amazing that I can’t see myself not continuing with the second month.

Tomorrow I’ll update my before shots, my week 1 schedule review and some “session” photos as well as info on the diet plan (or lack thereof) that I’m following.

Vexingly Yours,


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