Empire of the Ants…

Happy Thursday Fellow Bloggers!

I’m bucking the system. I will not discuss Olympics, election drama, Chick-fil-A boycotting, mass murders, Kim Kardashian or the unfolding Jackson Family UN-REAL-ity Show. Today I come to you to discuss a far more serious topic. Ants.

Now, I consider myself a pretty rational person (a statement that typically precedes a subsequential irrational statement), but when given a choice between a house infested with roaches and a house infested with ants…give me roaches. I know, I know: roaches carry germs, diseases, yada yada yada, but when you consider how easily roaches can be killed, it’s a no brainer. Besides…I think ants are Communists. Actually, I’m pretty sure they are. If you don’t believe me, read Bernard Werber’s Les Fourmis or H.G. Wells’ Empire of the Ants…I’m just saying. You may call it science fiction, but think about it; what do you call a colony of anything that involves:

  •  all members looking exactly the same;
  • all working, but not sharing an equal workload yet everyone receives equal and fair compensation;
  • what you will do with your life (your job) is pretty much decided for you at birth;
  • no one OWNS the hill. It’s everyone hill. A COMMUNAL hill,if you will;

Com’mon…that’s classic Communism people! [Or perhaps socialism at best, but I like the sound of Communism better. It makes ants sound more sinister and what are they if not sinister, praytell?] Plus, they get in my sugar. Me no like-ey.

Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed ants scouting around the house here and there and I’ve asked my dear hubby several times to call pest control. Like many men, he’s not good at following through on instructions. Thus the problem has, as problems tend to, gotten worse. Hence, this is what my afternoon looked like yesterday:

True story.

If you wonder what all of this means, I’ll tell you. I said all of that to say this: I skipped my workout yesterday. What??? I was really stressed out after the ant attack, and I just couldn’t do it. Beyond that, I was exhausted, not feeling well, and pretty bummed about what my scale is telling me.


Could it be that Insanity isn’t all I hoped it would be? Today marks the end of four weeks on the program and I’m SERIOUSLY thinking the “HCG then back to Insanity” option is my best bet. We’ll see how I feel tonight and I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Myrmecophobically Yours,

~ Frenchgyrl

Inspirational Quote for today: “You are not in this world to live up to other people’s expectations, nor should you feel the world must live up to yours. – F. Perl

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I love fritters…any kind of fritters. I’m like Bubba Gump when it comes to fritters. (Apple fritters, banana fritters, potato fritters, codfish fritters…). Therefore, it is a MUST that I try Molly’s zucchini fritters. Looks like a perfect Summer snack if you ask me!
Fritterishly Yours

molly alice nests

Reality is starting to crash in on me in the week since Andy’s been away. I’m slowly realizing that there are a lot of things I took for granted while living with someone else.

Like, normally I would look at the overflowing trash can and think, “Eh, it will get taken out eventually.” But it recently dawned on me that if I don’t take the trash out, IT WON’T GET TAKEN OUT. Is this what being an adult feels like?

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My Garden Bunny

My Garden Bunny

I’ve been working on my backyard haven. This little guy is the newest addition. To be clear, I really hate garden figurines. I think they too easily become “overkill”, but this itsy bitsy bunny was too cute to pass up. (At least I know he won’t be helping himself to my vegetables.)

As amped as I was yesterday, I feel totally drained today. I barely rolled out of bed and I’m having visions of going to the back room in my office and sleeping it off.

I think I completely overdid it last night. I still plan to do my workout tonight, but I’ll definitely be taking it easy.

Lethargically Yours,


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Magic Mike

I went to see this show over the weekend with VERY low expectations. I mean like George Bush’s IQ-low. Admittedly I didn’t watch the previews and only went because my SIL invited me…she’s a newlywed and probably invited me out of pity in light of my 15 year marital tenure.

Honestly though, I was pleasantly surprised. I expected a bunch of cougars salivating over younger males and that’s what I got, but there were also lots of younger ladies in the building.

I was pretty uncomfortable for the men who were there on dates with their girlfriends. What kind of woman would do this to her mate? It’s gonna take some major work for those guys to get their manhood back in check.

Here is my conundrum…I am not a fan of male strip clubs (or male strippers in general), but I REALLY enjoyed the performances in this movie. Maybe I’ve just been to the wrong places, but I doubt that’s the case. I won’t lie, I know it’s a stereotype, but I’ve always felt that male strippers were gay and maybe even despised the women that they perform for. In my head movies, they’re secretly laughing at our desperate @sses. Perhaps I’m wrong and maybe a reader can correct me based on personal experience.

Anyway…watch the official trailer here and enjoy.

Raunchily Yours,


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WTF…Stupid Blog

I’ve never done a blog, so I’m not a pro or anything, but I just sat here typing  my entire first entry and WordPress refreshed on it’s own and deleted everything I typed! Ugh! It was really good, too. (That’s just my opinion, but you didn’t read it so can you prove differently?) Anyway, how frustrating.

Well, to sumarrize, in my intial post I was typing about how I started Insanity and today starts my second week.

Last week was hard…blah blah blah…I feel sore everywhere…yakkity schmakity…

I lost about 24lbs on the HCG diet last fall, but gained 10lbs back because I’m married and marriage is stressful dammit so give me a break.

I just ordered another three rounds of HCG and made a deal with my friend who shall remain nameless (there…hope that makes you feel better…you know who you are) that I would borrow her Insanity Set in exchange for a round of HCG…then after 30 days we will switch. So this will be a modified version of Insanity with a break in between, unless my results with Insanity are SO freaking amazing that I can’t see myself not continuing with the second month.

Tomorrow I’ll update my before shots, my week 1 schedule review and some “session” photos as well as info on the diet plan (or lack thereof) that I’m following.

Vexingly Yours,


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